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Originally Posted by arcangely2k View Post
Hi guys,

I'm having a HELL of a time. A mechanic who I trusted made off with a bunch of parts and dumped my car back on my street before disappearing.

He left me the shells/enclosures for my Litronic headlights, but took out all of the bulbs from inside. While I think I can figure out the high beams/turn signals and other bulbs, it would be great if you could help me with those part numbers.

MY BIG PROBLEM - its a 2001 Boxster S. I've tried ordering D2S and D1S aftermarket HID kits and my new mechanic keeps telling me that the bulbs that I ordered do NOT fit the enclosure. I've been quoted "$1000 per side" for used Litronic complete this isn't an option.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me which replacement ballast/bulb kit to get, which bulb type, and where to get it? I can't drive the car until this is fixed!!


Can you send a picture of what you have? I wonder if they swapped headlights with standard halogen headlights. Taking just the bulbs makes absolutely no sense. If they just took the bulbs from your originals, hopefully they left the rear cover that the ballast attaches to. The ballast is not like those used by aftermarket HID kits, but you can usually find parts on ebay.

If all else fails, check ebay or the classifieds for a used set of Litronic headlight. Hmmm, a quick check shows that I am selling a complete set. I have a lot more than just the headlights though, so it would be alot more than you need.
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