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Litronic Replacement Kit (PLEASE HELP!!!!!)

Hi guys,

I'm having a HELL of a time. A mechanic who I trusted made off with a bunch of parts and dumped my car back on my street before disappearing.

He left me the shells/enclosures for my Litronic headlights, but took out all of the bulbs from inside. While I think I can figure out the high beams/turn signals and other bulbs, it would be great if you could help me with those part numbers.

MY BIG PROBLEM - its a 2001 Boxster S. I've tried ordering D2S and D1S aftermarket HID kits and my new mechanic keeps telling me that the bulbs that I ordered do NOT fit the enclosure. I've been quoted "$1000 per side" for used Litronic complete this isn't an option.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me which replacement ballast/bulb kit to get, which bulb type, and where to get it? I can't drive the car until this is fixed!!


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