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Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
There is a good post on rennlist in the 996TT section on doing pulls with durametric data logging, if you have a durametric maybe you could do some pulls with a passenger to start and stop the logging?

Next time I take the car out I will have my son video the tach as a I do the pulls you requested, I have a 2000 S with 113K miles and the only mod is 2nd cat delete pipes.

Wonderful thanks!

Yes the durametric can be done and that would be would end up with nice time versus rpm data and graphs! But I still need a poll of what other cars do so that I know where am.

Given, the lack of enthusiasm for simply hitting a stop watch when out and about, I would be hard pressed, but quite fortunate to have excel files sent to me by forum members. Your idea is a very good one though.

I was really bogging down low and made some changes and things are much better but I am not sure if I am back to zero or really ahead.
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