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Minorly bummed - I only got 8 quarts of oil replaced at my last oil change....

Usually I jack the car up in my level garage when doing an oil change but I was lazy this past week and decided to back it up on ramps on a sloped section of my driveway, which works for my trucks. Apparently I didn't have it as level as I thought because it only took 8 quarts to fill it back up (usually it takes around 9 or a little more although last time I did an oil change I had the sump cover off and it drained for about a week or two... even at the end of the week oil was still coming down albeit at a slow rate... That oil change was my first using DT40; this was my second oil change using it.)

I am a little bummed out to have an extra quart of old oil (3000 miles, 5 months) in there with my new oil... I guess there is not much I can do about it unless I do another drain and fill (which would probably be ridiculous considering there is always some old oil in there...)

So I guess I don't really have a question in here... just a (very minor) cautionary "Mr Obvious" tale: Be sure to have the car level when you do an oil change. Even a tiny bit off will increase the amount of old oil that does not drain...

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