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Originally Posted by BoxsterSteve View Post
There's also another measurement, although I forget the proper medical term... It's the measurement of wristpin centre relative to the piston top.
In some stroker motor situations, stock pistons can extend out of the bore @ TDC without a specially made piston set. I'm not sure if it applies in your example, but it did back in the day building a 347 stroker out of a Fox body Mustang's 302 V8.
Piston pin height is the simplest term. When you are "stroking" a engine for max swept area volume & thus max displacement you install a crankshaft with longer "throws". Porsche did this in 2002 with the new 3.6L engine. To offset the additional length of the crank stroke the 3.6L has shorter rods & revised pin height pistons.
In the OP's case the pin height will be off & the piston valve pockets & dome will be a different design. This is one of the reasons LN designed the new pistons for this application.
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