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If the window does not move up or down freely, or squeals and grinds while doing so...
this is what I found.
inside the door, the window regulator, or the cable that raises and lowers the window, has a small plastic plug attached to it that prevents it from
winding too far after the window has reached the end of its travel.
the problem arises when the plug actually stuffs itself through the very collar that is designed to prevent the cable from moving any further.
(probably due to holding the power window switch open while the window has reached its travel limit)
what you will have now, is a plastic plug that is jammed somewhere and preventing the cable from moving.
pull the door panel off, pull the window out, remove the regulator and if you can, free the plug. if not, buy a new one.
its a couple hours work, but not difficult, and there is a step by step instruction you can find online. I can't remember exactly where I saw it.
I was able to buy a regulator for about 150 bucks
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