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Problem with cruise control activation via Durametric

My car is a European 2002 Boxster S. I got a used 4 stalk, installed it in my car and did the necessary cabling, following the 101 projects book. There was an issue with the cable between DME and instrument cluster, as the colors of the connectors in my instrument cluster didn't fit with the description in the book. So after a lengthy internet search i finally learned, that for cars 2001 and younger this connection is no more needed, as the signal is transmitted via CAN bus from DME to the cluster. So I activated cruise control in both DME and instrument cluster K21 with my Durametric. Cruise control works fine, but the green light in the instrument cluster doesn't show up. When i activate cruise control for the instrument cluster, I can see the cluster booting and a few seconds later a message box says, that coding was successful. But there is no function. I used a brand new Durametric 6. I opened the cluster and checked, that the LED for the signal is installed.

Has anybody succesfully activated cruise control via Durametric including the green light for a 2002 S? Is there anything I can do to find the root cause of the problem?

Thanks for any advice

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