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analog instrument problem 986 boxster S

Hi All i have a 2003 boxster S and the analog clcoks have stopped working, the digital ones work but the analog speedo,fuel gauge,temp gauge etc have stopped. this happen whilst driving and i could smell burning i pulled up and lifted the front hood and there was smoke starting to come from the passenger side (uk ) i took off the interior light cover under the hood and noticed the light fitting was totally melted with exposed copper wire touching the met bodywork it didnt catch fire fully just started to smoulder, anyway it stopped doing this and i managed to drive home about 9 miles the thing is since this the clocks have been stuck at 50mph and the fuel gauge where it was at quarter and temp at half, iv now changed the wiring loom that had melted but the clocks still didnt work so i changed the ignition switch still nothing all fuses appear ok so im stumped the car drives perfect everything else works but this can anyone maybe shed some light on this please help !!!
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