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Strange behaviour after battery change

Hello all, it has been a while but im back. Im back with a problem however. I shamefully havent driven my boxster in 6 weeks. Went to start it the other day and it was dead. Called the AA out as I have the cover and they gave me a brand new battery. The old one was the day 1 battery 14 years old, so it had a good innings. Well this is where things started to get odd. After the battery change my passenger window wouldnt go down. Neither by the switch or when you opened the door. I thought nothing of it and I can cope without it "money is tight". Next day driving around went to get out the car and the drivers side window didn't drop. So to close the door I had to pop the roof. When I unlatched it, it didnt do its initial raise that it used to do neither did the windows drop. SoI have checked all the fuses, done a battery reset. To recap, The windows dont drop and they dont operate by the switch. Any ideas? Thank you
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