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Weird oil cooler mod

Hokay.... So, still a neophyte so far as Boxsters go (Done simple things, like o2 sensors, plugs, oil, air filter, etc).

I've had my 98 Boxster for about a year and a half, now, and I just discovered something very, very strange while replacing the oxygen sensors- A loose hose, just hanging down.

After much feeling around and wondering where it went (since it runs under the air intakes), figured out it's the coolant hose that goes into the top of the oil cooler.

So, the car isn't losing oil or coolant. She's been running fine, save for a little bogging and difficulty with warm starts on hot days, which I'm hoping the sensors will fix.

Is there any valid reason anyone can think of for disconnecting this hose? I'm assuming they'd have to reroute one or two things to bypass the cooler. I'm very confused. She's never overheated on me, despite some autocrossing. Is there any way that could cause a performance issue?

If not, I understand it is supposed to attach at the coolant tank. Anyone who has a photo of exactly where it goes will be very appreciated.
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