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This actually sounds normal to me. I've had my tip for almost 3 years and have the same "little shift' moment before the 2-3 shift on light throttle.

This thread discusses it:

"Hey guys I stopped by the dealer today and talked to the service director and he said that what I am feeling is the vario-cam. He said this issue comes up all the time. He said the reason I only feel the change in 2nd gear is because the torque load on the engine is totally different than 3rd,4th,etc. He also said that for some reason it is more noticeable in tips than in manuals. He said the cam is moving to a much higher lift to gain extra HP. I have had two dealers tell me the same thing."

I'm pretty sure my gear light indicator lights up the next gear as it's being selected then you feel the car shift after. I've noticed it on my car a couple times. I was confused one day when I looked at the shift light and it said 4th gear while I was in 3rd but it shifted into 4th right after I looked.

I'm guessing you just didn't notice it before they worked on the car and paid more attention to how it drove after the service.
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