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My Tiptronic shifts kind of funky!

I've got a 2000 2.7 with a tip. When I got it, at 67000 miles, it ran and shifted fine. About 3 months ago, I had the IMS bearing replaced. (preventative). While the transmission was out, The shop did a tranny service. (Not sure exactly what they did, since they had to drain the transmission to remove it). Since then, when it shifts from 2 - 3, there seems to be a little extra shift. If that makes sense. It pulls fine at takeoff, then just before the up shift, it almost feels like it kicks down, then pulls strong and up shifts as it should. It doesn't feel like a slip. It's weird. Also, I'm not sure if it's related, but the shift indicator lights seem to be out of sync. showing an up shift before it actually happens.

Could the shop have used the incorrect fluid? They swear no, but after catching them in a few "falsehoods". I don't trust them. Would the incorrect fluid cause this to happen?

Or am I just being paranoid!
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