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986 motor upgrade...3.4 996

Down to final steps of a 3.4 swap into my 1998 Boxster ( including a 6 speed trans). I have a number of questions I hope someone can help me with or answer for me.

1. I have enclosed a picture of my exhaust headers. Note the inside diameter of 58 mm. Also note my fabricated intake manifold (Blue silicone piping) 3 in. ID.

My question is how far away from the throttle body should my MAF be placed?? I am using a BMW MAF holder (black tub)with a Porsche MAF. Should this BMW tub be as close to the throttle body as I can get it or much further away as it is in the stock Boxster close to the air box??

2. I would like to fabricate a pipe to eliminate my CAT. If I do this can I eliminate my post CAT sensors??

3. The stock DME is Motronic 5.2.2 and is the same DME model that was in the 996 the motor came from. Will I still have to flash the DME before the car

will run?? I know if I drop the post CAT it will need a special chip what if I do not drop the post CAT ??

4. I would like to post a mistake list detailing some of the mistakes I had made on this journey if there is any interest out there??

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