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Originally Posted by patssle View Post
No noise when turning the wheels freely. Wheels don't look to be rubbing.

Did do some more research and perhaps it's the front engine mount - it's on the original I believe.
My car (98 tip) needs the engine mount replaced as well I believe but my symptoms only occur if I accelerate while turning sharp at medium speeds. It almost feels like a tire is rubbing or losing traction and when I let off the throttle it's gone. Happens usually when I turn right from what I can remember. During normal driving I don't notice anything but it seems consistent when I push the car in a hard right turn I get the rumble.

Noises I had coasting on bumpy roads at lower speeds were the trailing arms and sway bar end links that were worn. Sounded like what some other people described as a bolt in a cardboard box being shaken around in the back.
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