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Very Firm Suspension

Ladies (a scattering) and gentlemen (loads),

I once owned a brand new MGB GT 2 litre. Great little sports car with a very firm ride. And because it was off the forecourt I knew there were no issues with the suspension; it just found every bump in the road

However, my 986 feels almost identical with respect to ride firmness. Given that I have no comparison against which to judge the ride, may I ask for comments on how she should feel. I know this is something of a vague 'seat of the pants' request, but it almost seems as if she has bottomed out, as if the suspension is resting on its stops.

She still holds the road like a Scalextric car but I can sense that the tyres are not glued to the road.

Your thoughts?
'99 Boxster 2.5 87k
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