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Snapped the door harness connecting clip

Well, here goes…

98 Base Boxster with no door speakers. In the process of adding the wiring, the door-to-body harness was unscrewed and separated to add wires for the new speakers. The connection is a 2-point connection. On the drive's side, the top half is a "slide in" tab and the bottom half has a screw that keeps the connection secure. The passenger side is upside down but the same tab / screw connection.

Well, during the removal process, the driver's side plastic tab at the top on the BODY side was broken. Therefore, when the connection is made, the door-side connector is only held in place by the screw, and the top part with the clip obviously won't stay seated…

So - I call Porsche. The only thing they have is a harness for the body side…and it's $6k.

Plan B. Supposedly theres a part number for these connectors - but we can't find the part number on the body-side of the connector. So, at this point I'm not sure if other vehicles share the same connector (VW, Audi).

I guess I'm headed to find a vehicle that is being parted out to see if I can salvage the body-side of the connection, and then have to do the best I can to re-pin everything…

I'll try to get a pic up soon - hopefully someone has some info on the name of the connector for the door-to-body. And perhaps an idea to find an exploded diagram of that connection…

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