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There are tons of used bars around, most of which are in excellent condition due to the location and function. Ask an indie mechanic who does motorsports work - they probably have several take-offs lying around & would do the programming at the same time, for cheap.
Then you will need a Porsche male buckle tongue, or aftermarket substitute, to signal the car to turn off the airbag, if you are using a non-Porsche child seat (they are built into the Porsche child seats).
But if you read up more, you may come to the conclusion that your child, once facing forward, is safer with the airbag ON.
But yeah, don't expect the dealer to be enthused about incurring liability by installing used parts that he cannot obtain or sell to you, to placate the owner of an older Porsche, whom he will have already classified as being unlikely to purchase a profitable new car, no matter how great the service.
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