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Originally Posted by Timco View Post
I've had one slave cyl go out and pedal went rock hard. I will never do a clutch without swapping slave cyl again.

Was it throw out and pilot bearing type clutch job? The whole enchilada? My master clutch kit from Pelican came with every conceivable part including new bolts.
Hi Timco, I appreciate the replies!

Yes, it was a full kit job done by a reputable indie specialist. Everything about the clutch seems fine ie it bites fine and when all is well, all is as it should be/feel

I think you're probably right. I guess it feels like hydraulics / pressure issue. Just drove and it's fine again. I love that spinning spooling sound / feeling. Maybe I'm just being too attentive because I'm always listening for it

I'll check for footwell damp and ask the relevants to check it next time I'm in. Just hoping someone might know immediately what it is
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