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PNP Rear Speaker Install Disapointing.........

Randall, you are the man!!!!! Right on with the alternate path for the speaker wire run. By running it down the center console, you avoid at least an hour of misery trying to get in the side channel. I tried to follow the PNP instructions but got discouraged and took your recomodations.

As for th amp issue.......The brown plug is connected to the back of the head unit and it fades well. However the sound produced is very weak and just kind of "fills in" background with the top up. Top down....................not a worthwhile $200.00 investment in my opinion. There is a huge difference between the stock dash and door speaker volume and quality in relation to the rears. I may try to add an additional amp for the rear speakers, but how good are four 3.5" 2 ways going to sound anyway??

Fun litle project....but casn't say I'd do it again. What else could I spend $200.00 on?????????

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