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Lost a Good Friend...


Some of you may have seen the story this past weekend of the Plane which left Montana enroute to Mpls. and strayed off course, alerted 2 F-16 Squadrons and ultimately crashed in W. Virgina Friday Night.

Well the Pilot/Owner was a longtime friend of mine, Bill Cammack. Bill was a great Auto Enthusiast and Spec Racer, in addition to his love for Flying. I've known Bill for almost 40 years and have been up with him in his Beechcraft Baron many times.

Bill grew up only about 4 blocks from me and we were both fascinated by flying. Both Bill's Parents were Pilots, his Dad was an Exec. VP for Marigold Foods. Bill owned an Industrial Chemical Supply Company and often flew his Baron on Business Trips. He was on just such a Trip Fri. when he left Montana to return to the Twin Cities.

In speaking with his brother Dave, it is speculated that Bill may have passed away in the Air while the Plane was on Autopilot. He was lost to the FAA Control Center in Salt Lake and failed to acknowledge Mpls. Flight Center. The Plane flew past Mpls. and passed over Madison, WI were two F-16s were dispatched. They turned the plane over to 2 Michigan AirGuard F-16s over Detroit who tracked the Plane to Charleston, W. Virgina when it suddenly lost altitude and crashed. It is speculated that the Plane exhausted it's fuel supply. All the while, Bill failed to respond to radio calls and flares launched by the F-16s. The NTSB is investigating.

Bill leaves a Wife and 3 children. He was a past Rotary Club President and respected Community Leader. It is a tough time for those who knew Bill. He will be sorely missed... R.I.P.

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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