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You did not specify if you have a factory head unit.

If so, you will plug in the PNP into the back of the head unit as it does the back and forth from the amp that you described.

One more trick... don't go through all the work to wire it along the cubby by the threshold. That's a pain the butt I avoided with the following...

Just run the wiring behind the carpet that sits against the back seat of the passenger side and tuck it under the passenger side of the center console up to the dash. I did this and it took a whole 3 minutes and never drops into sight, nor does it get in the way of anything like your shifter or ebrake. It's also an hour faster than the way those instructions tell you to do it.

PS - I get to New Braunfels 3x a year. You should PM me with your phone number so we can meet up and I can follow you around some twisty back roads! I love that area of Texas... lots of fun places to drive if you know where to go.
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