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I'm sure most of us on this forum would agree that opening our garage every morning and having to decide which set of key's to grab - those for the Box or the Carrera (you input the respective year) - would be a great conundrum to have!!

I originally began looking at used Carrera's simply to have four seats (my two future Porsche drivers are still small enough to fit comfortably in the rear seats), so that we could enjoy the car as a family. However, my wife made me agree that I'd keep the car through my residency and fellowship training (7 years total - I've never kept a car longer than 4 years ) - and it became difficult justifying a car that might only have warranty for a few years (not to mention the potential higher costs of maintenance and the incredibly sweet deal on the 987 which allowed my first Porsche to be Virgin). At any rate, I love my Boxster and intend to be the guy who says he still owns and drives his first Porsche. But, I also cannot wait to walk into Porsche (once I'm done with my training) and order my new virgin Carrera exactly the way I want it

Finally, I agree with Randall - please do not be that guy who is ALWAYS driving in the right hand lane 25 miles per hour under the minimum posted speed limit! Granted, we probably all love a leisurely drive in our cars every once in while - wearing a b/c we know what our cars could do at a moment's notice!! Instead, make the corvette drivers of america (those who don't also own a Porsche ) cry a little every time you roar by!
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