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From the picture he posted, it looks like everyday is a nice sunny day. Boy, Illinois can suck in the winter. I know a guy who has a 02 vette with 1,900 miles on it!! Half of those miles came from one weekend to Kentucky. I think It may be one of the most pampered vettes in the country. I think some people treat their cars kind of like a Picaso on the wall. They like to look at it more than they like to drive it. A car is not a piece of art to be looked at, it should be used( imo). But, people do things differently and and thats cool with me. I always kid with my friend about not ever driving it. It's all good though because when he is staring at his car in the garage this spring I'll be out enjoying the breeze and soaking in the sun looking for a good road to "open it up."

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