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Dual-Mass Flywheel lives/dies?

Hope this photos and details will help others pondering replacement of their flywheel.
Mine is a 2001 Boxster S with 90,000 miles. So it is close to the mileage where replacement of the flywheel is recommended(by Wayne). He also gave a helpful measurement -15mm as the maximum acceptable rotation.The white paint marker shows the full range of rotation l/r and a calipers set at 15mm. The rotation marked is less than 8mm.
The pressure plate and flywheel surface have some debris on them but no signs of overheating. The clutch friction plate(&IMS) were replaced by the P.O. within the last year.
Sadly the engine died within a week of my purchase. Hence the 'opportunity' to take this photo for the Forum.
If you have any advice for a noob with a dead Boxster engine, you might skim my recent plea for guidance on a resolution to the disaster:
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