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My first Boxster, my first problem

Hi guys. I just bought my first Porsche Boxster in Germany 6 month ago. Its a beautiful 986, 2.5 with only 60.000 km on the clock and a full service history. It is as new

But there is this thing. Im not 100% sure what the problem is, but I think it might be an air leak??? When it has been sitting for at day or two and I start it up, it really runs bad until it gets to normal temp. Sometimes it even stalls. It sputters and misfires until it gets warm. But as soon at it gets warm its OK. Its not perfect, but acceptable. The rpm gage is not 100% steady, but again acceptable. The when I turn the car off, it makes this noise as you can hear. I think it sounds like and air leak, which would also explain, that the craked hose would expand when the car gets warm cover up the crack and make it run better. I dont know, but what do you guys think?

Thanks for the help.

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