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Economics is always an issue when getting into the Porsche world. I bought my '97 at a reasonable price in November with the intention of using it as an "every day driver". So far it's been flawless and I've put about 4,000 miles on it. I treat the car with respect and allow it to warm-up prior to spirted driving. I almost have "re-broken" in the car as I have no idea of the driving style of the previous owner and want the vehicle to adapt to my driving style. It was PPI'd by the local dealer and I agree with all that the PPI is critical in making a decision. In any case I would love an "S" version but am not at all dissapointed with the performance or overall experience of owning the "original" Boxster. I now look forward to my next Boxster. I've driven 911's, Corvettes, and several other performance roadsters and none offered the overall driving pleasure of the Boxster. I'm hooked and I just hope Porsche keeps improving the car. I will be staying with the model. Good luck in your decision and I know you will love any version of the car you choose!
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