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Originally Posted by 98Boxster98
I believe your logic is sound as any. I have a 98 Boxster bought used and I'm happy with it. I wanted a car that I would drive and not become too obsessed with how pretty and clean it was (okay, so I struggle with the second part.) I also wanted a fun car that I could still use to run errands that might require me to go to the not so great parts of town and not worry about it. I tried out the Toyota MR2 and Mazda Miata but for whatever reason, it just didn't get my blood boiling and visually neither are satisfying. For me, $8 to $10k is significant at this point in my life. I lay no claims to being the world's greatest driver and I don't want to fall into the trap of the poor carpenter blaming his tools. The 98 Boxster possesses the great handling of a Porsche and I need to master control of that before complaining that I don't have enough power. Sure, I'm disappointed in the launch but it's a great car in traffic, dodging oblivious SUV, minivan, and pickup drivers that dominate the roads I drive. I get a kick out of driving in 2nd or 3rd gear around town, top down, sun shining down on me. I enjoy taking it out in the country experiencing the sights and sounds. Underpowered as it is, I still find roads where I can give it enough gas to quicken my heart. The driver enjoyment is there for me right now with the 98.
Very well said.... I have a 99, non-S and love the car.. Would I want more power, sure, do I want to pay 10K for it no ehehhe

I will probably get a new 2005/06 in a few years when they start coming off lease, but for now I am more then happy with my ride.

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