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Originally Posted by KevinH1990
I considered the Boxster S, and wouldn't rule it out if a nice one came along. Unfortunately the nice ones seem to be $8-10k above my price range right now. If I buy the 98, I could always sell it and buy an S later.

Here's my thinking: To buy a Boxster now, I need to sell my 94 Miata with 118k miles on it. If I buy a Boxster S in two years, I will still need to sell the Miata, and it will have depreciated more than it has now. If I buy the 98 Boxster now and decide to sell it in two years to buy the S, it will probably have depreciated about the same amount as my Miata would. So, instead of selling a 14 year old Miata in 2008, I would have to sell a 10-year old Boxster. If I drive the cars at the same rate (approximately 11k miles per year), I would be trying to sell a Boxster with 40k on it versus a Miata with 138k on it.

So, under this scenario, I would enjoy the 98 Boxster for 2 years and probably be only a little worse off financially from a depreciation standpoint. Of course, operation and maintenance costs on the Boxster are higher as well, but that comes with the territory.

While it is true that the S has more power, the 98 Boxster is significantly quicker than a 94 Miata. So, I would be experiencing a significant upgrade. If I should need more power later, I will have something to look forward to. Also, I think I might be tempted to treat an S more gingerly and not drive it as much. In my view, I would rather buy a garage queen than sell one.

Of course you guys are more experienced than me with these issues, so I am willing to modify my point of view. I haven't spent any money yet and I am still in a research mode.

I believe your logic is sound as any. I have a 98 Boxster bought used and I'm happy with it. I wanted a car that I would drive and not become too obsessed with how pretty and clean it was (okay, so I struggle with the second part.) I also wanted a fun car that I could still use to run errands that might require me to go to the not so great parts of town and not worry about it. I tried out the Toyota MR2 and Mazda Miata but for whatever reason, it just didn't get my blood boiling and visually neither are satisfying. For me, $8 to $10k is significant at this point in my life. I lay no claims to being the world's greatest driver and I don't want to fall into the trap of the poor carpenter blaming his tools. The 98 Boxster possesses the great handling of a Porsche and I need to master control of that before complaining that I don't have enough power. Sure, I'm disappointed in the launch but it's a great car in traffic, dodging oblivious SUV, minivan, and pickup drivers that dominate the roads I drive. I get a kick out of driving in 2nd or 3rd gear around town, top down, sun shining down on me. I enjoy taking it out in the country experiencing the sights and sounds. Underpowered as it is, I still find roads where I can give it enough gas to quicken my heart. The driver enjoyment is there for me right now with the 98.
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