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While it is true that the S has more power, the 98 Boxster is significantly quicker than a 94 Miata. So, I would be experiencing a significant upgrade. If I should need more power later, I will have something to look forward to. Also, I think I might be tempted to treat an S more gingerly and not drive it as much. In my view, I would rather buy a garage queen than sell one.


my last convertible was also a 94 miata (lots of upgrades). The 98 Boxster is a 2.5? (I think 2000 was the first year with a 2.7 in a non-S) My Miata had some mods and it was 150 HP the 2.5 Boxster engine is not quiet 200 hp but a bigger and heavier car. For the money I think my Miata was not really a huge step down in the hanlding and acceleration department and that's comparing a 1.8 Miata to a 3.2 Boxster.

But I hear your concerns about a depreciating Miata. I made sure to make mods at bargain prices and it worked out in the end. I sold the little bullet proof autocross favorite with 110K miles for $7,000 in Nov. 2004. And had offers for more. I stole it for $5K and added another $4500 in mods after owning it for 5 years. If the S is out of your reach I would urge you to buy at least the 2.7
lots of redesign to the engine beginig in 2000 after complaints on some 2.5's.

I'm not sure how the 2nd hand s2000's are selling but I highly recommend that car to hold you over until you step into the BoxsterS. I not sure I would have ever sold the S2000 if I had. Its like the Miata: bulletproof, nice gearbox, great handling (engine sits behind the front shock mounts), and good resale.
The most knowledgeable sports car guy I know had a BoxsterS, now has a GT3 and decided to pick up an S2000 as his daily driver. He'll probably be selling the S2000 for the CaymanS.
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