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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour
Slayer, sounds like you are not financially strapped if you could afford a new one on your own.

Buy an 2004 S certified pre-owned Porsche warrantied Boxster if you can talk your mother into it. Then you'll have lots of warranty on the car and you will absolutely love driving it.
Slayer, this is great advice from Randall (as always!). If you really want to go with a 2004 there are actually new, untitled, cars out there. I would imagine the dealers are very motivated to get these off their lots/inventory. Let me know if you'd like help finding one. Most likely this will be an out-of-state purchase, FYI.

One thing you need to consider is having such a nice car in a college environment, is vandalism. So, make sure you have a very-very safe place to park your potential new $$$$$car!
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