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I think it's great that you have such an interest in the Boxster. But, I'm afaraid I have to side with some others and advise you that this isn't the Car for you if you don't have the independent resources to actually own one.

My suggestion is to buy something Granite reliable (a Miata would fit this Bill nicely. It's a True Sports Car and a Blast to Drive, without giving up too much Style and Panache)until you complete your studies, and keep the Boxster as the proverbial Carrot on a Stick - something to reward yourself with in a couple of years.

Buying used, you're buying an unknown to one degree or the other. Your Sports Car experience could sour very quickly if you had to leave it parked until repairs could be afforded, or if it put a steady drain on all your Fun Cash. Think it all over very carefully, with your Head that is North of your Shoulders...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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