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Originally Posted by denverpete
Yeah. I'd definately mention how much cheaper it is than say a Ferrari. Insurance is definately cheaper than a Viper. Maintainence costs are certainly less expensive than the Space Shuttle. It's safer than a bicycle on the highway. It gets better gas mileage than a Ford Excursion. Nearly every state has at least ONE certified Porsche mechanic. She won't have to worry about you hauling around 5 of your best friends (note: find ONE best friend). Oh, it's got more storage space than my Harley... Well, maybe not. But it DEFINiTELY has more cylinders.

Seriously, I think it's great you're thinking of a Boxster. But, I'm sorry, I just struggle with this as a First Vehicle particularly if you can't actually afford it yourself. How is this really YOURS if you're not actually paying for all of it? Does that mean that your Mom's on the hook for insurance and/or any maintenance or repairs? Can YOU afford it? If so - then GO for it. If not, you really need to move on.

Hey - just my opinion. I truly wish you the best and hope you get a car you love and enjoy.


Denver Pete is correct though.

What will you do when you take it in for an oil change and drop $150? Or better yet a $500 major service? I don't know but every time I go into the shop for a regular service I drop at least $1,000. My last trip was $1,600 included 45,000mi service, coil over install, alignment, and coolant reservior replacement. If your pockets can handle that, then your've found a new Boxster to cruise and enjoy every day



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