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Here are some pics of rollovers. Of note is "No Injuries". These cars actually have as strong or stronger roof structures via front cowl and roll bars as any car out today.
Porsche Boxster
Driver Comments: "These pictures were from my accident on July 4 2002 in my 2002 Porsche Boxster. My girlfriend and I were going to my parents house out in the country. As usual I was pushing the car to the limits. When going around a corner we lost control, spun out, went through the road, up an embankment and then kicked back out to the road upside down."

Injury Report:
No injuries

Note the condition of the windshield here:
Look at ragtop here as well:
Porsche Boxster
Rolled 2-3 times

More info on chassis materials of construction are here:
Also look here under "Passive Safety":
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