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Originally Posted by Brad Roberts View Post
Tom? If I had one thing to say about everything I watched? It's minor but important for other people to know:

Put your VISOR down. I *believe* you had glasses on?

I have watched a friend roll his Acura. I also watched as Careflight landed and took him to the hospital... I stood next to his hospital bed holding his hand.. staring blankly at his EYE PATCHES. He didn't have a bruise or broken bone!! He had GLASS in his eyes from windshield. He ran his visor *slightly* up.. during the roll over you can see his visor "slip" up before the camera shuts down.

Not good.

Visor down I know what you do for a living It requires eyesight
Brad, yes you are correct that I had my helmet visor up and that I was wearing prescription sunglasses.

I won't make excuses or explanations. You are right. Safety first.

Thank you for pointing this out. My goal every weekend is to be able to return home to my wife, sons, and yes, even my day job.

I'll clean my visor and drive with it down starting Saturday. See you there!
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