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Newbie Introduction and Convincing Parents

Hello everyone, I've been interested in Boxsters for awhile, and just a few days ago I found these forums. So far it's been very helpful and enjoyable.

I also have a question I'd like to ask. I'm 21, in college, and have never had a car that is truly mine. After bringing this up to my mom, she offered to pay for part of a used car that I'll enjoy. Great! The only catch is that she will only help pay for it if she approves of the car. I would love a Boxster the most, but somehow I know she will be very skeptical - she's one of those people who think SUV's are the only safe cars out there, etc. Luckily I have convinced her that a Lexus IS300 is safe and practical if the Boxster doesn't work out.

Anyway, what sort of suggestions does everyone have about convincing her that the Boxster can be practical/safe? ie: cargo space, weather, collisions, maintenence, insurance, etc.

Thanks so much, and hopefully I will be around to enjoy the Boxster with all of you!


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