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POC Race Clinic Video

Here is some video from the race at the conclusion of the POC Racers Clinic last weekend.

Candidate racers are required to complete two Racers Clinics before being approved for a provisional race license. Each Clinic consists of a full weekend of racing drills and is intended to teach the basics of wheel to wheel racing. Candidates attend classroom sessions and then demonstrate on-track that they have the requisite skills. A demo race is held at the end of each clinic. Not everyone passes the Clinic. It is demanding, exhausting, thrilling, and intense.

I am pleased to say that I passed both the Dec and Jan clinics and will be starting my first three races next weekend (one on Sat and two on Sunday).

The Porsche Owners Club offers year-round DE, Time Attack, and Club racing events at some of the best tracks in the Western US (

I've added some commentary at the bottom of the frame to provide an idea of what was going thru my head... Hope you like my pass at the end!

Watch it full screen here:
Stone BSR POC Racing Clinic Jan 2014 - YouTube
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