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Voltage Regulator cross reference

For those that think they have a bad alternator, many before us have discovered that infact only the voltage regulator portion of the alternator was bad. Searching the previous posts one can discover that Porsche (at least in many markets) does not offer the VR as a seperate component instead offering the entire alternator as a replacement which is an expensive way to go.

The VR, for those alternators equiped on automatic trans on 97-02 is a Bosch part bearing the number F-00M-145, followed by another three digit number 200,209,225,350, maybe others too.

Volkswagen does offer the part seperately as part number 038-903-803, sometimes followed by an E, EV, or EX.

Now for the $64,000 question;
Does any aftermarket provider supply the voltage regulator and who markets it in the US. This information is important to those of us who have no VW dealer nearby. Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, O'Reilly, all want to look up the part by vehicle. The Bosch number doesn't help them. Nor does the VW part number. I need more.

Who has found one at a chain part store?
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