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I'm in the process of doing something eimilar. I'm putting in 6.5" Kicker subwoofers to finsih off my install. There is a template on the internet for a custom mount. I made one, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet since my new lights arrived. For myself, the install is a bit more complicated since I need to remove the door electrical harness so I can put in the wires for my subwoofer. I'm not using the stock speaker wiring.

Hopefully someone else can chime in on the actual frequencey response of the door wiring. From what I recall, it was set up for a woofer only. Not sure if a full response speaker setup would benefit form the setup or not. Which is one reason why I decided to go for a subwoofer and a new 5 way ammp. I currently have Infinity 4" speakers in the front with a 1" tweater. In the back I have Infinity 3.5" two-way speakers.

I do recall a link to a page with someone else that pout in Kicker subwoofers int eh stock location with the stock wiring and he was not impressed with the results and gave up. The stock woofers didn't do anything for me with the stock dash speakers and amp either. I do like what I have now, but still need to finish off to know if I'm going to stick with the infinity rears or mount two pairs of 2.75" speakers in the stock plastic mounts.
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