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Originally Posted by Auf los! View Post
Thanks, Johnny, I was hoping you would chime in.

By "aggressive" in the rear, you mean the tires will be out to the edges of the fender, but will not "stick out," correct? I'm not a fan of the "Hot Wheels" look!

And to bring the front offset down to about 45, I would fit a 5 or 6mm spacer, correct? This will widen the front track, right? Are you suggesting this for suspension geometry reasons, tire clearance reasons, purely to have the tire/fender look match the rears, or...?

Thanks for your help!
The +38 offset will fill in the rear fender wells nicely without extending beyond the lip if you stay with a 265 or 275 tire. As far as the fronts are concerned, if you bring the offset down to around +45 it will complement the rears both in terms of "look" as well as balance.
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