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Recommend you try ******************************** Parts.
They are an online company.
I usually check for the proper parts and parts numbers via Pelican Parts. Once I've got the correct part & part number, I go to ******************************** Parts and find it there. It is usually alot cheaper.
I completed a complete brake job on my 1999 Boxster (4 rotors, 4 sets of pads). I sourced the rotors and pads via ******************************** and I purchased a brake kit (extra caliber bolts, springs, etc) from Pelican. Total cost of all the parts including the brake kit was just over $162.00 and I did not have to use most of the parts in the brake kit. I also recently changed my spark plugs. I went for the high speed Bosch Iridium Plus 4 plugs. They were about $9.00 a piece via Pelican. I got them from ******************************** for $6.00 a piece and also received a $24.00 rebate from Bosch on the six plugs I purchased.
Try ********************************.

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