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Originally Posted by bmussatti
jangobox, that is very interesting. I would wonder what they cover and the deductible amount.

So many times I have heard the advice to take the money you'd spend on a warranty, and put it in an interest bearing account to be used towards future maintenance...and you'll come out ahead.

I donít know if this holds true for an expensive-to-maintain car like a Porsche. But, that's what I am planning to do.

FYI, a lady I work with recently bought an aftermarket warranty for her car (domestic) and the company has gone belly-up within the past 2 months. Oouch!

Lastly, the price for the warranty is very-very negotiable!

For me the dedutible is 250 and it is a bumper to bumper warranty, even the top and the motor for the top. Worth checking out. The only catch is like a I said, it has to be a brand new car and this is for any type of car.
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