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Originally Posted by jb92563 View Post
... my turn ins are very sure footed with the help of brake to load the front tires, but the rear tends to come unstuck as the direction change completes so perhaps I need to get on the gas sooner as well to load up the rears to keep them stuck down.
Braking too hard and too late can be detrimental by putting too much weight on the front and causing the car to be unbalanced in the turn. As you note, turn in is great but then the rear slides around. We've all experienced this condition at one time or another.

Next time maybe try to keep the car more balanced by braking smoothly before turn entry and then getting back on the throttle smoothly as soon as possible (by end of turn entry or at the start of the middle of the turn) to keep the front and rear balanced. This technique will get weight back onto the rear tires as early as possible and also allow you to throttle steer through the middle and exit of the turn which will reduce steering wheel input, tire slip angle, and understeer which all serve to slow you down.

Last, remember not to pinch the turn entry and unwind the wheel as soon as possible on turn exit. The tendency of new track drivers is to try to overdrive the car which tends to result in a lot of understeer. Unwind the wheel and let that beast free!
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