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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
Don't sweat tire pressures too much at this point. A downhill, off camber sweeper is a very tricky corner to do right and requires getting the front and rear tires to "set" with an even slip angle and very smooth throttle input to maintain corner radius, slip angle, and good corner exit. 90% of problems with off camber corners is just going in too hot with the car unsettled. Next time let your instructor drive the car for a lap to really feel the car balance if you think there is a problem.

After you do this for a while you will find that grip levels and car balance often change throughout the day as track surface temps change. Adapting your driving style to meet changing conditions is just part of the game.

For AX I generally start at 32psi cold and recheck and adjust immediately after each session so I end up with 36 hot pressure going into timed runs.
I agree. An off camber corner with the typical poor road surface of an AX circuit is difficult to set-up for. Adapting driving style for this particular corner is likely the best answer if the car felt OK everywhere else. The recommendation of 36psi hot on street tires is pretty spot on as well.
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