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Another First Auto-X & Tire pres questions

Did my first Autocross recently, it was blast!.

The instuctor mentioned that the rear tires were not "Locking Up" and said I might want to adjust the tire pressure.

We did not get a chance to make adjustments so i never found out how.

Any guidlines on how to adjust tire pressures when they could use some tweaking to get better perfomance?

I was running 32psi front and 36psi rear on Hankook V12's with 215mm wide front and 265mm wide in the rear.

Seems my rears where breaking away a bit too early so I could not take full advantage of my manueverabilty and speed in the curves and had to slow up too much.

I guess I need a bigger contact patch in the rear to help it stay attached to the ground.....more or less psi?
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