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Tried to get LED turn signals and brake lights to work %^&*$. And said, "Stuff it!" I had just waxed her so I needed an excuse for a drive. Grabbed the list. Went the long way shopping, taking on some twisties. Yes, we have some of those roads in Texas - just not like CA or CO. Saw a sport bike and both of us took off! He passed me I passed him, there was mutual respect of speed. It ended with a salute and a pledge to get a Gixxer!

I decided to do the Crios Exhaust Mod. Found a punch at Lowes that was ¾" in diameter and costs $12. Pretty cheap and easy. I had the mod done in less than 5 minutes. It DOES seem to provide "more flow" at higher RPMs (wish I would have thought of it earlier in the day - could have given the Suzuki a better run).

Then, I packed up my wife and we went out for dinner. We enjoyed the long way to the restaurant but had to take the short way back. You KNOW what it is like driving aggressively on a full stomach.

So my day was cut short by eating….have to remember to do less of that!
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