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Originally Posted by Jittsl View Post
I would be Really surprised if there is any speed advantage to be gained by going beyond the 8.5" wheels you are already running. Only a stopwatch will tell you but let me ask. Do you feel as if the car is under - tired as it stands? Also, what tires are you running and is there any restriction on what you are allowed to run?

You are probably correct, and there will be no benefit in going wider than I already have.

Do I feel that the car is under-tired, not sure. I do feel like I could do with more grip at times, but that can also be altered with suspension and a better driver

There are no restrictions on tire make or size for us. I am running with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup. I was running with the Toyo R888 last year, but could not get used to them and find the MPSC much better.

I am currently running 1st in class and 2nd overall in the 2012 Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia season here in Finland, and just looking for that extra advantage for next year and thought that maybe a bit more rubber on the track might help?
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