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Boxster Shootout

Did anyone else see the Boxster Shootout in GRM magazine:

October 2012 Issue: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

They compared a 986S, 987S, and 981S side by side in a brief road test, then running at Barber Motorsports Park.

I was a bit disappointed that the 986 came up with much slower lap times than the 987. The 987 and 981 were a bit closer, but of course the 981 was faster.

The suspension geometry on a 986 and 987 are the same. The 987 has a bit more power, but some more weight also, so I think there must have been other variables at play. They didn't discuss tires in this article, so I'm thinking that was the wild card.

At any rate, they concluded that all Boxsters are a great value right now, which I believe is why we are all here.

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