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I just replaced pads at 43,000 on a 2002 S. The front pads were into the sensor area (sensors were fine so I did not replace them). Rotors had a lip between .5 and 1.0 mm. If it had been any of my other vehicles I would not have changed rotors. As I have commented on other posts, the two most important things for me with any car are tires and brakes. With a high performance auto I also want maximum stopping ability. It is an easy DIY project. When looking for a jack keep in mind low profile and long reach. I prefer the pin and post type jack stands but keep in mind if you jack up only the rear the front will go rolling (use chocks). Jacking up all four corners gives a much more stable platform. As a final safety measure I always put one of the wheels under the car in case of catastrophic failure.

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