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Sorry, I was not referring to rwhp, I was talking about at the flywheel. The car will be going onto a dyno before the start of next season (we need to supply Hp results every three years, and mine is due for next season), so I will know for sure what the engine power is then.

I know that it is possible to go to wide, so appreciate the input.

Most of the racing tracks that we dire over here are not large fast ones like you have in the US. Ahvenisto is a good example of a track in Finland - Ahvenisto Race Circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Ahvenisto Race Circuit (Finnish: Ahveniston moottorirata) is a motorsport race track located in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The 3,040 metres (1.889 mi) long circuit is run clockwise. The track has an elevation change of 32 metres (105 ft), the home straight is 280 metres (0.2 mi) and the width varies from 9 metres (30 ft) to 17 metres (56 ft)."

I have had some on track contact this season, so the car will need body work done over the winter and I was going to use this as an opportunity to go wider. But based on what you are saying, maybe I would be better to stay with the wheel size I am already running with?
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