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Originally Posted by mountainman View Post
Is it necessary to use porsche-VW-audi antifreeze or are the american brands also ok to mix in? I am sure the porsche dealer would say only porsche, but he of course has a vested interest
lots of answers to this. pedro sums it up thusly:
Originally Posted by
I chose not to go with the Porsche coolant.
If you do the same, be sure to get phosphate, silicate and nitrite free product such as Prestone.
Originally Posted by mike focke's boxster page
Porsche claims their coolant is Lifetime, but don't believe it. It is simply a silicate and phosphate free Glycol based coolant. This should be changed every 5 years/150k mi. (whichever comes 1st) in order to provide maximum corrosion protection. It is the organic carboxylates which breakdown after this interval.

Instead of buying the super-expensive Porsche Coolant from the dealer, Zerex Extreme Life 5/150, Texaco Extended Life, Shell Rotella® ELC Extended Life Coolant, UNI-GARD 5/150, Mercury Extended Life Coolant Anti-Freeze, all meet or exceed Porsche Coolant requirements and are much cheaper. Use of any other type coolant is not compatible with the system and can form a gel-like substance if mixed with the proper coolant which can then obstruct flow, create hotspots, blow up your engine, etc.

in general the two sides are: as long as it's phosphate and silicate-free coolant it will be fine. the other side tends to argue "for the few extra $$, why risk it?"

either way you go, i would not mix. if you do go with non-porsche, flush first. if you're just low, add some distilled water.
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